ICML @ Formerly Vienna ·The Thirty-seventh International Conference on Machine Learning

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We're pleased to announce the invited speakers and panelists as well as the Test of Time and Outstanding paper award recipients for ICML 2020! The test of time talk will be live on Monday!

Black Lives Matter

The ICML community mourns George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless other victims of police brutality and racial violence across the world.  Black Lives Matter.  We will deepen our partnership with Black in AI at ICML, and we share its goals of increasing participation of Black researchers in the field of AI. We affirm our commitment to investing in a future of machine learning research where Black researchers are empowered.

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  Sun EXPO Day
ishadow Tutorials and Test-of-Time Award
  Tue-Thr Main Conference and Invited Talks
  Fri-Sat ishadow


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Our Partners

ICML would like to acknowledge the contribution of Hendrik Strobelt and Sasha Rush for helping to adopt their MiniConf system to the  ICML 2020 Virtual Site. 

We would also like to SlidesLive.com for handling streaming and and video recording for our thousands of presentations and Zoom for handling our live interactions.  

ICML 2020 & COVID-19

(23 Mar 2020) ICML 2020 will be a virtual conference. We have plans to enable most normal conference events virtually. We will continue to post refined plans as we make decisions, in conjunction with other conferences. Please see the letter from the organizers for more details.

ishadow Results of virtualization survey availabile.

(30 May 2020) Announcement: Plan for how ICML 2020's Virtual Schedule will work (and rationale) released!


The ICML 2020 Sponsor Portal opened on Monday, April 6, 2020. Sponsors at the Platinum level can apply to participate in the EXPO.  Application due date is Friday, June 5 and notification by June 14th.

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Important Dates

Expo (Industry) DaySun July 12th
Conference Sessions, Tutorials, Workshops and Expo Mon Jul 13th through Sat the 18th
Registration Opens May 20 08:00 AM PDT *
Author Notification Jun 01 04:59 AM PDT *
Volunteer Applications Close Jun 12 11:59 PM PDT *
Sponsor Payment Deadline Jun 12 (Anywhere on Earth)
Video Submission Deadline Jun 15 (Anywhere on Earth)
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Final Paper Submission Aug 14 (Anywhere on Earth)
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ishadow * Dates above are in pacific time


General Chair:
shadowsocksR 安卓版ios和PC版配置说明及教程(含下载 ...:2021-3-8 · ShadowsocksR 安卓 客户端配置: 安卓客户端的配置和PC端大同小异,都是需要输入账号密码服务器信息以及端口等,小白用户可以直接复制SSR链接!步骤如下 1.首先下载SSR到你的手机上,下载后解压到手机,是一个红色的小飞机!
Program Chairs:
Hal Daumé III (University of Maryland, Microsoft Research)
Aarti Singh (Carnegie Mellon University)
Workshop Chairs:
Emtiyaz Khan (RIKEN)
Po-ling Loh (University of Wisconsin)
Tutorial Chairs:
Alessandra Tosi (Mind Foundry)
Xiaojin (Jerry) Zhu (University of Wisconsin)
Diversity & Inclusion Chairs:
Barbara Engelhardt (Princeton University)
John Cunningham (Columbia University)
Newcomers Chairs:
Matthias Seeger (Amazon)
Sinead Williamson (University of Texas at Austin)
Sponsorship Chairs:
Simon Lacoste-Julien (Université de Montréal)
Caroline Uhler (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Publications Chairs:
Alexandre Bouchard-Côté (University of British Columbia)
Samory Kpotufe (Columbia University)
Press Chairs:
Varun Kanade (Oxford University)
Stefanie Jegelka (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Workflow Chairs:
Ivan Stelmakh (Carnegie Mellon University)
Zhenyu Xue (Salk Institute)
EXPO Chairs:
Andrew G. Wilson (New York University)
Marc Deisenroth (University College London)
Virtual Chairs:
Louvere Walker-Hannon (Mathworks)
Anoush Najarian (MathWorks)

Social Chairs:
Olga Isupova (University of Bath)
Adam White (Google)


ICML is made possible by the hard work of the whole community, including a large team of reviewers, meta-reviewers, and expert reviewers. Reviewers are essential to selecting a good program, and to providing constructive feedback to authors. A huge thank you to all reviewers for their hard work from the program chairs.

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